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Here’s how it works, simply save the amount according to the number of that week in the year. So week 1 of the New Year you save £1, then week 2 save £2, week 3 save £3 and so on. This can be done with any amount you choose can also be done in reverse, saving £52 in the first week & decreasing the amount you save by £1 every week. You can do this with 20p, 50p, £2 coins – Do it to suit your budget.

You may print out this page and use it to monitor you progress.


CLICK HERE to download a printable version of this saving challenge.



Checkout Smart & Shopitize Cashback Apps


Make your supermarket shop more rewarding by earning cash back on items you purchase in store.

Download the apps Shopitize & Checkout smart. Check to see what cashback is available on items you have brought and reap the rewards by receiving the amount stated next to the item into you account. Once you have reached £5 in your account you can withdraw it and it's all yours.


Receipt Hog - is a fun and easy way to turn your everyday receipts into real cash and rewards!


1) Shop at any retailer, big or small.

2) Snap a picture of your receipt.

3) Get paid!


Receipt Hog is hands down the easiest way to put some extra cash in your pocket with

minimal effort. Feed your Hog receipts and be rewarded with coins or spins for the Hog slot

machines, where you can win even more coins! Redeem coins for cash via PayPal or Amazon

gift cards. Cha-ching! Unlike other shopping rewards programs, Receipt Hog rewards you

for receipts no matter where you shop or what you buy.


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